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Trust Area

  • Health promotion through Social Behavioral Change and Communication. 
  • Vocational Training for the adolescents, youths and women.
  • Awareness of unorganized Laborers.
  • Counseling & guidance to the adolescents and youth .
  • Health Awareness among the mothers . 
  • Organize free Health Camp and medicine distribution.
  • Foster Community Peace and National Integration.
  • Foster Youth development and organizes sports.
  • Motivation and construction for low cost latrine construction and its use.
  • Construction of School Latrine and Urinals.


  • Schedule Tribe
  • Schedule Cast
  • backward class
  • excluded poor people


  • To promote education and skill development training for the children,adolescents, youths and women. 
  • To promote health through Social Behavioral Change and communications.
  • To eradicate poverty, illiteracy, old customs & beliefs, combat discrimination and other social evils.
  • To promote village economy through promotion of agriculture. Health, irrigation, village & cottage industryempowerment of women under groups.
  • Tp mobilize & empowered people for social economic & cultural development. 
  • To mobilize resource from individual donation, projects from Govt. departments, C.S.R. and Non-Government donor agencies to achieve those objectives.