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Our Latest Activities at a Glance:

1) Awareness related programs:

During the year we have organized number of camps on Value Practice; Legal Aspects; Health Education; Gender Equity; Women’s Rights & Violence against Women; Health Personal Hygiene & HIV/AIDS; Anti-Trafficking; Anti Drug; Global Warming and Women Empowerment Program. All together about 3000 people has been participated the camps and become knowledgeable on those issues.

2) Education related programs:

Our organization has organized one Library for the benefit of the local students and education people through this Library. Teaching Learning Materials also have been supported to 35 students. Books also have been distributed to 20 poor students.

3) Health Related Programs:

10 Health camps have been organized in the area in which specialist Doctors has been examined and treated the poor people. Free medicine also been distributed the patients. Several RCH services also have been provided to the adolescents and women.

4) Youth Development Programs:

  • Observance of Independence Day:

Our organization ahs observed Independence Day with 100 youths and children on 15th August 2012 in our organizational campus. Prabhat Feri, National Flag hosting and discussion on the conurbation of our National Leaders discussed by the Local Teachers.

  • District level Football Tournament:

The District Football Tournament program supported by NYK has been organized by our organization. 16 Local youth/Football Clubs has been participated the tournament.

  • Cultural program:

One cultural program has been organized by us for promotion of local folk culture. Several cultural events have been organized in the program.

  • Vigilance Awareness:

Vigilance awareness program has been organized by us during the year in which about 80 rural people were participated. This program has been supported by NYK, Purulia.

  • Sal Leaf Program:

Sal leaf plate production program has been organized and continued by us during the year in which 20 tribal women were participated and benefitted throughout the year

5) Enviornment Awareness Program:

Environment Awareness is one of our important program we have been organizing since last few years. This programs we have been organizing last year. This programs supported by Ministry of Environment and forests, Govt. of West Bengal. This program followed by village cleaning, plantation, sit and draw with he children etc.

6) Model Nursury Development:

We have given training to train up the women of the locality on nursery development. Preparation of nursery of timber plants by some special technique has been given to the trainees. The training program aimed to synergies the conservation efforts of participants and others actively involved in the conservation, cultivation and sustainable utilization of those plants. 

7) Awareness of Unorganised Laborers:

In the recent past we have organized 35 number of awareness camps in Santuri, Neturia and Raghunathpur blocks in which about 2200 unorganized labouers were participated. This program has been supported by Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India.

8) Mushroom Training :

Mushroom training has been given to 60 women as part of income generation program supported by A.C.C. (Cement), Damodhar.


  • Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India
  • Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of West Bengal
  • Unicef, Kolkata
  • District Administration
  • Zilla Parishad,
  • Santuri block
  • Neturia block 


Sri Majhiram Soren
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On behalf of our organization, we hereby earnestly request the Philanthropic Organizations and Individuals, who are concerned for the development of the rural & backward people in remote corners in India for their generous support and contribution for the noble cause.

All donations to our organization for a social cause exempted under 12A & 80G of Income Tax Act, Govt. of India.


9) Agriculture Program:

During the year we have distributed vegetable seeds to 150 farmers for vegetable cultivation. Those farmers were produced a good vegetable production and earned money.

10) SBCC Program:

Social and Behavioral Change and Communication program has been supported by UNICEF, Kolkata through District Administration. Several programs have been organized for health promotion of the people of the area. We have been implemented the program in Santuri and Neturia block respectably. The programs are on Hand Wash, Girls Child Education, combat spread of HIV/AIDS, service to Lactating Mother,  Awareness, Colostrums’ feeding, Exclusive Breast Feeding, Sanitation use and so on. The program details and coverage stated below.

  • Youth Club Meeting

78 Youth Club meeting has been organized in which 1170 participants has been participated.

  • SHG Meeting in Focus Village

78 Women SHG meeting has been organized in which 1192 participants has been participated.

  • School Sensitization and Rally

39 School Sanitation campaign has been organized in which 313 children has been participated.

  • VIC Training

39 VIC Training has been organized in which 1638 children has been participated.

  • Barrier Sensitization

23 Barrier sensitization meeting has been organized in which 523 village people has been participated.

  • CD shows

39 CD Show has been organized in which 1120 village people has been participated.

  • Folk Media performance & Puppet Show

7 Folk Media performance & Puppet Show has been organized in which 1018 rural people has been participated.

  • IPC

5750 IPC has been organized and in which 10000 people has been participated

  • High School Meeting

13 VIC Training has been organized in which 806 children and teachers has been participated.

  • G.P. Sensitization

13 G.P. Sensitization meeting has been organized in which 173 Gram Panchayats & Gram Sabha members have been participated.

  • Block Level Sensitization

2 Block level Sensitization meeting has been organized in which 123 Panchayet Samity members and Block functionaries have been participated.